get me to the greek

greek yogurt, that is! i officially jumped onto the greek-yogurt-bandwagon about a year ago and don’t evahh plan on getting off. gone are the days of icky artificially sweetened yogurts (boston cream pie flavored? really?) that boast a low calorie count but leave behind a not-so-pleasant chemical aftertaste. let it be known that i completely and utterly adore greek yogurt. it’s non-fat, ridiculously high in protein, rich, tangy, delicious, and super healthy. anddd it’s 100% natural – no added sweeteners, preservatives, or chemicals. the only ingredients are milk & live cultures. just absolutely amazeballs!

being the nerd i am, i felt the need to google ‘greek yogurt’ to see just how they manage to make it so darn thick & delish: apparently, the straining process removes the majority of the whey, concentrating the milk solids and thus creating the thick dreaminess known as greek yogurt. those greeks are just too smart – they managed to produce tina fey, my big fat greek wedding, andd fabulous yogurt. i love you, greece!

*as a side note, i performed a science experiment in my apartment last year in the attempts to make my own greek yogurt. let’s just say it was an epic fail.

0% is definitely the way to go in terms of nutrition (my faves are fage & chobani), but you absolutely must add mix-ins to fully feel the love. it’s totally satisfying and especially great with chopped walnuts and a drizzle dollop of honey in the morning. adding fruit and/or jam is delish as well, and i even tend to throw in a handful of granola when i’m feeling adventurous. on a whim last week, i decided to be a rebel and add 1 tsp of peanut butter & a sprinkle of sugar to my fage – let’s just say it was epic fail #2. such a bummer!

the possibilities are absolutely endless! some foodie trends are definitely worth all the hype. i’m telling you, my friends – once you go greek, there’s no going backkk!


p.s. how do you feel about greek yogurt? are you as obsessed as i am?!


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