love: starbucks

here is my first official *love* post, highlighting my current likes, loves, and all-out-obsessions. today, my friends, let’s focus on a topic that i’m currently having an all-out-love affair with…starbucks!

now, despite what you’re assuming (yes, i’m talking to YOU there in the black shirt), i’m not one of those frilly starbucks “i’ll have a venti nonfat, half-caf, 140 degree white chocolate mocha with extra whip and a slight drizzle of chocolate, kthanks” kind of girls.

i am, however, a starbucks-card-carrying kind of girl and i suggest you become one too! did you know that registered starbucks cards have free rewards?! i.e. free soy milk, free shots of flavor syrups, free internet usage, and most importantly…free brewed coffee refills! it’s pretty amazing. my newest activity is to order a tall coffee (usually an iced coffee with sugar-free caramel & soy – it tastes like a skinny version of the elusive caramel frappaccino. scoree!), get a solid 2ish hours of facebook stalking studying done (free internet holllller), grab a free refill, and then return to the real world. pretty fabulous deal if i say so myself. some of my all-time-favorite drinks are:

– iced coffee with sugar-free caramel & soy
– skinny cinnamon dolce latte (tastes likes buttery cinnamon heaven)
– nonfat iced chai latte
– caramel light frappaccino, hold the whip *pictured below*

ohh starbucks, how i love thee. i’ll see you tomorrow – 9ish work? kgreattt!


p.s. what are YOUR favorite starbucks drinks? i’m always on the hunt for a new one!


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