my first week of blogging is almost officially coming to an end! i absolutely love everything about the blogging world thus far and cannot wait to see what my foodie future holds. first and foremost, i really have to work on reminding myself to photograph everything i eat. i *usually* remember to bring my camera along on my adventures, but tend to scream out loud think to myself dohh!’ after i’ve scarfed down half my meal and realized that i have yet to take a picture 😦 no bueno. did that happen to ya’ll in the beginning, too? i just hope it becomes second nature soon enough!

i’m babysitting for the night (gotta make that moneyyy) and packed along a delish & healthy meal. sorry for the amazing super-low-quality camera pictures!

a super duper ginormous salad (the picture is deceiving – the tupperware is as large as my head a mixing bow!l):

– 3 cups spring mix/romaine lettuce mixture
– 4 ounces of salmon
– 1/4 cup grated carrots
– 1/4 cup chopped walnuts
– 1/4 cup dried cranberries
– 2 tbs kraft reduced fat asian toasted sesame dressing

anddd, a muy delicioso caramel apple pop for ‘dessert’…that is, until i raid the stash of rugelach when i get home!

it’s time to walk the dog mentally prepare for the fabulosity of the real housewives of new york episode tonight at 10 on bravo. such a guilty pleasure. team bethenny all the wayyy. ta-ta for now, my loves!


p.s. any good stories from your first week of blogging?


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  1. Hi Lauriel,

    Thanks for reading my site and leaving such an AWESOME comment – LOVE it 🙂

    I think you are doing GREAT with your new blog ~ it’s fabulous! That Salmon Salad and those cookies you made….WOW – they both made my mouth water. I LOVE sweet/salty and spicy combos so I may just have to try that salad 🙂

    Off to respond to your comment now, but, wanted to stop by and say Hiya!!!

    Happy Friday!!!!


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