food chain

i was once told that music is the universal language, and i couldn’t agree more! i definitely feel like it’s one of very few things in our world that truly has neither rules nor boundaries. and have you ever met anyone that doesn’t like music? yeah, me either. i’m normally pretty weird eclectic in my taste of music and happen to love everything from the beatles, to miley cyrus, to lil wayne (um hi hello please get out of jail soon? kthanks!). and my mood definitely tends to dictate my taste in music. likeee,

studying? bring on the jack johnson

sad? helllllo, michael buble

nostalgic? the beatles

running? eye of the tiger, babayy

ready to partayy? lady gaga/jay z/michael jackson it is

blogging? my newest find, eric hutchison!

well, to be honest, i didn’t really find eric hutchinson…my ever-so-trusted perez hilton did! from the minute i first listened to eric, i was SOLD. he’s poppy/witty/jason mraz-y in the absolute best way possible! it was fully love at first listen. and, shockingly, not-so-shockingly, my favorite of eric’s songs is called food chain. the word food? in a song? SOLD. enjoyyy the fabulosity:

i especially love the way he bobs his head like a turtle! sigh. hope you’re all having a fabulous day! see you later alligator.


p.s. i also loveee old-school *nsync – curly haired justin timberlake and all!! just sayin 🙂


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  1. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! thank you so much for your sweet comment- ive been reading your posts and think you are just so adorable and lively and REAL. love it 🙂 can’t wait to read moreee. eric hutchinson is amazzzing


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