love: chipotle

these love posts are all about my current love (duh) of the week! pretty clever obvious, huh? well, ladies and gentlemen, my current obsession of the week is…chipotle! tis DELICIOUS. as in omgicantstopcravingit delicious. major props in the delish department, mr. steve ells!

embarrassingly enough, my first chipotle adventure was a mere 7 days ago! the chipotle facebook fan page was offering a buy-one-get-one deal in honor of the new nbc television show, “america’s next great restaurant”. BOGO at chipotle? SIGN. ME. UP. the mama and i have been wanting to try chipotle forever (even though we are both loyal moe’s customers thanks to my obsession with moo moo mr. cow during frosh year at UF), so we immediately made a mad dash to chipotle.

the menu is super simple and straightforward – just the way i like it. you pick your base (burrito, bowl, taco, salad) and then you’re ready to go! i made sure to investigate the situation beforehand and found a nifty chipotle nutritional calculator online. definitely check it outtt! the mama and i both went with super huge ginormous salads:

mine included: lettuce, chicken, black + pinto beans, grilled peppers and onions, pico de gallo, corn salsa, and a pinch of cheese

the damage: 500 calories, 11g of total fat, 2 grams of sat fat, 1 week’s worth of fiber

the verdict: SO good and filling! i’ve already been back 2 more times, no joke. fresh, delicious, and healthy. and, at $6 (considering i used my bogo coupon within 0.2 seconds of receiving it arghhh), super affordable. LOVES IT!


p.s. what’s your favorite quick and casual restaurant? my favorite is jason’s deli! but, chipotle is definitely making a stronggg case for the #1 position


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