d is for disney

happy monday, everyone! i hope ya’ll had a fabulous weekend. sorry for the lack of posting, but i was whisked away on an impromptu adventure to disney world and just returned! it was absolutely marvelous, as always, and filled with healthy fun foods! we stayed at the cutest little hotel, the disney beach club, and it literally felt as if we were in snow white’s cupboard! it was very kitschy and oh-so-disney-like. here’s joey in the kitchen:

the view from our room:

the two of us on our balcony, pre-dinnaa:

dinner at wolfgang puck’s restaurant at downtown disney:

we split sushi & bbq chicken pizza:

post-din snacky! chocolate covered marshmallows = too yummo for words:

then off to cirque du soleil!

luckily, we had fab seats! this was our last photo before the usher screamed at us asked joey to put the camera awaaaay.

cirque du soleil was fantastic! we both loved it. post-show, we took a stroll along the boardwalk and made sure to walk by ghirardelli. as we were walking by, a waiter turned toward us, said “would you like a free hot fudge sundae? they made 1 extra by mistake.” umm, YES PLEASE! it was sheer perfection:

thennn, bed time! the next day started off with a fruit & yogurt parfait and wataa. so fresh and delish:

disney time! the weather was gorgeous and it was a beastly lovely 85 degree day:

mr. puppet got a little frisky in china:

andd, chubby checker was at epcot for the day! so fun and random:

pit stop at the international coca cola taste-tester station:

and then dinna time! we were absolutely starved and decided to eat at morocco. i had the falafel pita with sides of couscous and lentil salad (joey had the chicken & lamb platter). the couscous was sweet, and the lentil salad was very green-pepperish in a good way. it was absolutely DELISH! in fact, my $8 disney din was MUCH more delish than wolfgang puck’s. just sayin 🙂

hello kitty doll at japan. go gators!

anddd back to the real world 🙂 disney was absolutely magical, but i’m definitely happy to be home. hope ya’ll had a fabulous weekend as well! can’t wait to hear all about it.


p.s. what are your favorite theme park foods? i’m CONVINCED that i heard the freshly made ice cream sandwiches call my name!


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