love: ikea

i’m backkkk! and officially in love, yet again. this time, however, my love affair is with ikea! i know i must be living under a rock, but i just visited ikea for the first time yesterday. and, let me just say that it was absolutely fabulous. the south florida location opened fairly recently and i’ve been itching to go for months to see what the hype is all about. now i fully understand why people are so entranced by it! i used to think, “what’s so special about a…gasp…home furnishings store?” however, upon walking into ikea, i was greeted with a map and a meatballsolddd!

ikea is absolutely incredible and literally has every home item you can imagine. i seriously turned to the mama within 3.2 seconds of perusing the 1st floor and announced that, “ikea is dangerous”! i could easily spend hours (& millions of dollars) here. not good. not good at all! luckily, i kept myself under control and only bought: a make-your-own desk, a floor lamp, and new silverware! not too shabby.

and, of course, no ikea adventure would be complete without having lunch! the mama and i decided to share the swedish meatball meal with veggies, a slice of apple cake, and an iced coffee. it was DELICIOUS! so so good. the mama and i each had 5 meatballs (brought 5 home for the schnitz), and made sure to buy huuge chocolate bars ($1!) for the daddy and the brother.

all in all, my ikea experience was absolutely glorious. can’t wait to go back!

*on a side note, the fabulous danica is having a giveaway – a $60 shopping spree to spend at any of the 200+ CSN stores – how cool is that?! ahh love her! make sure to check it out!


p.s. what are your favorite stores? i could literally go to target (and ikea!) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


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